Thank you for visiting my page! This is where I will provide updates on my writing/publications, post articles, and share snippets of my work. I've titled this section "Rumination" because it's just going to be a place for ideas. It's a collection of words about whatever the fuck I want to write on any given day.

I will begin posting regularly when I have a life again (after I finish my MFA degree). In the meantime, I will be posting whenever I can steal time away from the chaos that is publishing my book, preparing for the reading, and then (immediately following graduation) moving to Chicago.

I just want to say, "Thank you!" Whoever you are, I'm glad that you have taken the time to peruse my page! Please come back! If you follow me on Facebook  (Facebook.com/thatprofanegirl), you will see when I have added a new post or article to this webpage! Hooray!